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Default TWOS too easy?

I've played a least 320 hours of SH5 with TWOS mod. Needless to say i've gotten quite good at calculating AOB, speed, distance, etc. of my targets and I routinely rack up massive tonnage totals on each patrol. I recently started a new career beginning in Happy Times and on my second patrol I sunk around 77,000 tons.

Granted, i'm not using real navigation but I do have map contacts turned off. I find that sinking ships, even very large ones, almost always takes only a single torpedo. On the last patrol that I just mentioned I sank a European Ocean liner with a single torpedo. I shot two, one was a dud. That was also my only dud in two entire patrols. I got a "ship sunk" notification almost immediately so it wasn't like it took on too much water over a prolonged period.

I've read Hitler's U-boat War vol 1 & 2 and based on the meticulous research in that book I would think it would take more torpedoes to put a large ship under and that there should be a higher percentage of duds, especially before 1941.

I remember during a campaign i played a while back where I had a couple torpedoes left and just happened upon a large convoy with a British Capital ship laughably positioned on the the outer column of the convoy. I decided I might as well try to damage the ship even though two torpedoes might not be enough to sink it. I fired the torpedoes, one hit and the other either missed or was a dud (I do not recall). The ship sank.

Some of my high tonnage totals I think are more a result of there being far more ship traffic than there was in real life. It's simply easier to find targets and I get why that makes the game a little more exciting. But it's still too easy to sink ships. Does Anyone else find this to be the case?

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