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Default Gunship!

Originally Posted by Polak2 View Post
Obviously, it seems that the ship for Gunship! has
No interest, no comments despite 176 views.
If you can bear with my poor video making and editing skills perhaps this short clip of the custom meeting engagement mission video cut can show how rather complex and realistic is fighting in this 20 years old MPS game.

Hello, again Polak2!!!

I have interest in Gunship! My father-in-law gave me Gunship 2000 way back in the mid Ď90s and I recall playing it and learning all the keyboard commands. That older version reminded me a lot of M1 Tank Platoon 1989. I still have the Gunship 2000 disks, manual, overlay, box, everything.

I think Iím going to rediscover that title before I round up a copy of Gunship!

Quick question: Is Windows XP required to run Gunship! ? Iím seeing that in the internet but I donít know if theyíre referring to the Steam version.
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