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Originally Posted by jackmchammocklashing View Post
It is a shop bought SH4 Gold editon U-boat missions

It is installed on an F: drive and is run as stand alone not using win7 86 etc
it comes up as Silent hunter 4 1.4

Regards Jimbo
You're not going to have a SH4 Gold Edition installation with U-Boat missions, and have it show up as v1.4.

Installing the U-Boat expansion updates the game to v1.5. After the game loads you'll see the version number in the lower right of main menu. Either 1.4 or 1.5.

If you have the retail version of SH4 Gold Edition, disk 1 installs the version 1.4, and disk 2 installs the U-boat expansion which brings the game up to v1.5. There might be a third disk as well but this is video only and doesn't install anything.

Whether or not you're getting your torpedoes to hit anything is a fundamental issue and is a different matter entirely. But that can only be addressed only after it is assured your SH4 installation is done correctly.
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