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Exclamation Black Sea Campaign (WAC5.2) 2019

This mod is a completely new reworked campaign in the black sea with over 50 new units, new habour buildings and other new 3d models to War Ace Campaign 5.2.
It was developed over a whole year and the base consists from the mod „Black Sea (Engl.)“ from Poul, a mod which was created for GWx3 gold. This campaign was converted to WAC5.2.
Additionally WAC5.2 Black Sea Campaign includes campaign data from the mod „Soviet Waterway“ for Silent Hunter 4.

Further on new loading screens, new navigation maps, new 3d models of houses and harbours were added, to guarantee the proper
atmosphere right after the start of the game.

There were over 50 new units from the mod „Soviet Waterway“ converted, as well as new selfmade 3d models
created like the Siebel ferry or the light ship to underline the new campaign location and distinguish from the other available campaigns for WAC.

A new feature is the full type II interior which has been stripped down to use it in the campaign with full HD mod together.

In the end the traffic radio was translated and from russian to english and extensively extended from the user Prody. The german translation was added, so the player has is no embedded into the historical events and the adventures of the 30. Flotilla without going on patrol senselessly.

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