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Very nice, Peter!

We've been busy trying to iron-out some "recently" discovered issues (well, within the last year anyway), and I've been doing some "testing" of different set-ups, while CapnScurvy and s7rikeback do all the heavy lifting. We're trying to get some AI subs to sink, so to speed things along, for the target practicing, I've gone the auto-targeting, quick reload route, with no duds. Well, all that doesn't stop this:

That's #6 tube coming back to gitt me. it missed me here... No more than 10 degrees of angle on the shot either... I dived after I heard the screws getting louder again (I at first thought it was gnats buzzing in my ears), and then I looked on the attack map, and there it is, coming after me!...

But this one did things a little different from any I've watched before, and that is that it spiraled down...

didn't miss me there... I'm down at 110 or so here...

... got hit, and we were on our way down for good. Notice the depth there... Couldn't maintain, even at Ahead Flank after the impact, and a blow ballast after this shot didn't do a thing. Boat was laying kind of sideways and trying to corkscrew itself down. Would not right itself... wow.

A target practice mission, and I sank myself (agaiin)... It circled around me I'll bet six times or more. You could hear the thing circling, as it acted like a homing torpedo. It turned real sharp a couple of times. It was a Mk14, btw... mid 1944. This was one of those times I wish I would have had the video on recording...

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