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OK, like with some of merc4ulfate's issues, bad dates can also cause bad spawns... I'm not an expert on ship rec by any stretch of the imagination, and would have to find the Museum to compare shots - but like you say, if that's a ship that's supposed to show later, could well be the issue. The other "accoutrements" of course aren't dated as narrowly. Dates that overlap can also do that. At least it's sitting in the water properly... However, do you happen to know where you were, were you came from, and the date? Was the DD part of a convoy, Task Force, Troop Ship group, carrier group, etc.?

Edit: ... and lest I forget - if you use the external camera and travel over say 15-20k, the textures sometimes don't render correctly, especially terrain. Leave Pearl sometime from outside the harbor, and then use the external camera, and travel back behind and to your right (135-ish) to go back to Pearl, and you'll see the facing side of the hills, but not the backsides. Go a little further, and there will be no docks or land at all...

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