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@schlechter pfennig: I have never experienced something similar and can't understand why this should be caused by the mod

Has anyone else experienced something similar?

How it works:

The basic idea is that when a torpedo explodes a depth-charge is spawned which also explodes. The two explosions allow one to have a 'long-range' explosion with almost zero damage and a 'short-range' explosion like the regular torpedo. Unfortunately, only the torpedo explosion/damage triggers the wanted reaction, i.e., the torpedo must be used for the 'long-range' explosion and the depth-charge for the 'short-range' damage. (This is not perfect because only the torpedo explosion seems to trigger the damage texture if it causes enough damage. However, if the torpedo explosion gets too strong, your own boat is also damaged when closer than 1000m).

Required changes:

Torpedo.sim; amun_Torpedo: New ID for the 'under_explosion' pointing to the DC generating effect and 'impulse = 0'

Torpedo.zon; AmmoDamageInfo: MinEF=1, MaxEF=2, AP=0, MinRadius=1, MaxRadius=1000 (make the torpedo explosion weak and long-range)

Torpedo_splash.dat; adjust the depth-charge parameters according to your original torpedo.zon parameters (explosion_range, MinEF,...)

You can do this for all the torpedoes.

I hope the explanation is clear enough. If not, please ask again.

Best, LGN1
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