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Originally Posted by JCWolf View Post
German U-Boats Compilation No Eagle and no emblems

Hi there every one !

This is the same Mod German U-Boats Compilation , But as I didn't liked the German Reich Eagle on the conning Towers I decided to use SH3 Editor and take them out of all the Subs Conning towers in this compilation...

...Later on I saw that the Emblems were not of my taste so done the same editing and removed the emblems from the CT.

The result was this ...

If you want to download the Mod with this things changed please go to my MeadiaFire page on my sig , the Mod its under SH III Tweaks folder !

Please remember that this is the same Mod so you will have to uninstall the original version first and then install this one !

Thanks to Ahnenerbe for this awesome compilation and his permission to make this changes !

Good job, but soon the boat type 7B will be updated in the German U-Boats Compilation 2. Small issue, create a separate topic, or to continue to discuss this subject in German U-Boats Compilation?
Alex Ahnenerbe

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