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Originally Posted by Niume View Post
Does anyone know how to edit spawn locations of submarines when spawning in port? I know how to do it in SH3 but no idea how in SH4 Because currently if you spawn in base at training flottila you are stuck in a harbor piece.
In the Flotillas.upc file in Data / UPCDataGE / UPCCampaignData folder, where you the Base info. Using Stock as the example:
[Flotilla 1.Base 1]
ID= F1Penang
NameDisplayable= Penang-Base-Name
Info= Penang-Base-Info
ExternalBaseName= Penang
AvailabilityInterval= 1942-02-29, NULL
DepartureDescription1= 12044763.000000, 646206.000000, 270.000000
DepartureDescriptionOut1= 12029563.000000, 621806.000000, 269.992310
Those last two lines are the Longitude and Latitude, as seen at the bottom of the Mission Editor window. I do not know as there is a limit as to how many locations you can have, but I'm sure there is... The line with "...Out..." is the Outside the Harbor location. The "easy" way to find a given location is to use Mission Editor, and open the Campaign_LOC file which is in the Data / Campaigns / Campaign folder, used for both sides... Size the window so that you can see the status gutter at the bottom, and where ever you hover the mouse pointer, you'll see the location in that bottom status gutter. Find the harbor you are after, and zoom all of the way in, checking where your mouse pointer is as you zoom in...

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