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However the ships dont appear hull down, they kind of float above the horizon, i noticed that the earth radius value in the main mod is 640000 which i guess is fine since it's double the value of the vanilla SH3 ( a 16 km vs a 8 km environment ).
Now, the NYGM3_New mod modifies the scene.dat and Earth Radius value is now 9999999 - a kind of flat disc for us .
Now, if i change it back to 640000, ships will appear hull down which is something i like ; if anybody knows : are there other implications also for changing that value or only affects how we perceive objects on the horizon?
Your statement about the error in NYGM3_New is correct - well observed.
If you change EarthRadius parameter back to 640000 in scene.dat, it restores the hull-down aspect as it was previously. I don't think that there will be any other consequences.

I've sent you a PM concerning another idea that you had about the EarthRadius.

Why doesn't the SH3 Commander files for NYGM not have anything related to the 3rd flotilla? I've looked through the cfg files and 3rd flotilla isn't in there. And I can't pick it.
No demand, is the short and simple answer. Until now.
Never mind. Fixed it.
Well done!

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