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I do believe that someone else is doing the models for SES. However Norm does have an important role to play here, in that he has spent a lot of time optimizing the engine to run dozens of fairly detailed units in a 3D environment - as far as I am concerned, I am far more interested in the engine's overall performance than I am in the quality of individual unit textures. For a game where you spend 90% of the time looking at the action from a distance, I consider the ship models and textures more than adequate. If I were to put effort somewhere, it'd have to be environment graphics rather than textures.

Not that I don't think that textures couldn't be improved but, you know, I don't really care what year it is or what the general expectation is - if game art takes away SES' limited budget from the far more crucial ballistics, damage and AI development, then to hell with textures. That's the mistake that's made too often these days, and I have no issue with SES keeping the game's art modest.

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