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I agree completely that surface attacks in TWOS are harder than historical. At least in 1939-41. Few reasons:

1) Convoy ships are packed more dense than historical. So it is not really possible to sneak inside the convoy and start torpedoing from the inside. (Kretchmer)

2) AI reaction time/system is ridiculous. As you mention all search lights focus on you in fraction of a second. In reality there would be a lot more confusion and searching.

3) AI gunnery is sniper accurate. Even if spotted, U-boats were difficult targets at night in deck awash.

Only point 3) can be edited as far as I know. It is possible to increase the scatter of AI gunnery. I recall that I tripled the scatter value. Now it is what I consider realistic. It is lethal, not not pinpoint.

So surface attacks are indeed difficult. With stealth it is possible to get as close as 3000 from escorts on surface to fire. However as you pointed out any escape is close to impossible. Only at ranges of 5000m there is a moderate chance to avoid detection.

My personal style similar to a torpedo boat: Fire at 4-5km range at flank speed with slow torp. Thus I have about 5 min to turn away from the convoy, increase the range to 8 km. 1 min before torp hit or if searchlights go deck awash. That way if spotted, dive time is reduced to a fraction.
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