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Yeah, so you can use the UZO for rangefinding. Marks on the UZO should be used the same as marks on both periscopes with 6x zoom. During another attack the torpedo had a running time of 298 seconds. That's a range of 28 * (1852/3600) * 298 = 4293 meter. Just before firing I took an angular height measurement with the UZO. Since I looked at the target at a bearing of 18 degrees SB, the range at that moment was 4293 / cos18 = 4513 meter. (it was a zero degrees gyro angle shot, so torpedo travelled 4293 meter, but target was at 4513 at the moment of firing.)

Mastheight of vessel was 42 meters so that means I should have measured (42 * 100) / 4513 = 0.93 centirad. That is 4 * 0.93 = 3.7 marks on the UZO. If you look at the attachement that 3.7 looks about right. Difficult to see in the darkness as waterline and mast are not really vissible (mast is higher than the funnels).
So you can measure range with the UZO at night but it is not easy in the dark with moving UZO.

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