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I tried the same attack several more times. I was never able to escape. Tried everything, flank speed at various courses, going to decks awash after the first torpedo strike. Nothing worked, the escorts found me every time. One time it took them a bit longer and I had some hope, but nope they detected me anyway. However I never got the extreme reaction of the merchants again. Not sure why, perhaps I was on the edge of their detection range and got just inside that range the first time?

Based on torpedo running time I launched my attacks from about 2200 meters outside the outer convoy column. That's a little closer than I thought it was. I tried the attack again and this time increased the range a bit. Based on torpedo running time I was now 4500 meter outside the outer row, just within maximum range (5000m) of the torpedoes. After launching I made a U-turn and went to flank speed. This time I was able to escape easily. I could see the escorts searching behind me with searchlights but they never came close.

So it is possible to carry out a night surface attack with electric torpedoes, but you have to stay at extreme range. Which is quite difficult to judge, since rangefinding with the UZO doesn't really work.

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