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I loaded a save (autosave just before the attack started) and tried again. This time I scored 4 hits and as I sped away at flankspeed there were no searchlights. No idea why not, it was the exact same attack. Attack takes place in May 1941 by the way (TWOS 2.17). This time it looked like I might be able to escape on the surface. But then the closest escort came racing in. As it was passing astern of me I hoped it would pass by without seeing me. But then a searchlight came on and shortly thereafter it fired at me, forcing me to crashdive. At least I was not hit this time before I could dive. Don't mind being found by the escort, that at least makes sense.

A depthcharge barrage followed for 30 minutes, resulting in minor damage. Various escorts kept circling me for 1.5 more hours therafter and then disappeared. So it is possible to do a surface attack and survive. But I have no idea why both attacks gave such different responses by the merchants. The first response was ridiculous and gave me no chance whatsoever.

I will try this same attack a few more times with the old save to see what will happen and if I can manage to escape on the surface.
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