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Originally Posted by morttheslayer View Post
Hi ZeeWolf and Monk, I recently joined due to your threads and the work you have carried out on T34vs Tiger. I have messed with the editor and messed is about the correct term, so you definately deserve a lot of respect for the undoubted time and dedication you have invested. I would prefer to play this offline and I think ZeeWolf's contribution would suit me best. The sim begs for more missions and expansion, so it was a joy to read someone had the knowledge to bring this to the attention of us all. I would be prepared to pay a reasonable sum for this work, (I have enough to do with designing my own IL2 missions) I'd love to get into Lua scripting and modding but I think I'd need the help of a bloody good doctor as I would probably need an additional 20 year life extension !!!!
One awful part of the original code (done better in Steel Fury) was the infantry behaviour (if that's the word). Could anything be improved in the way the soldiers behave ??- even diving for cover would be better than running about like load of headless chickens. Anyway power to your elbow/s and your scripting Best Regds Mort
Hello Mort- the slayer,
Thank you very much for moral support and encouragement. I agree totally about
the Infantry animation, the good news is the animations can be expanded and greatly
improved upon (future plan already). New missions are definitely coming, replacing
existing ones and new custom ones too. stay in touch.

Best regards,

Here's a treat Mort:

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