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Originally Posted by Monkwarrior View Post
Well Zeeman, I hope you can make some cash out of it.
Just don't expect thousands of customers in this niche-market

We on the other hand will provide a MP-version of our mod.
It will be open source and free.
It will contain new vehicles too, adjusted particle effects and brand new voice acting and ingame sounds.
Besides MP we will add co-op too, but thats still to be investigated.

So there will be 2 projects for this engine.
A bright future for all ww2 tanklovers, thats for sure.


I think so too Monk. Maybe one reason there aren't thousands more
now was the unbelievable way it was released. No support No beta
testing to speak of and no vision for the future like Ubsoft
has for example.
I what to totally change that by bring back guys as well as
interest new guys by backing up everything I do and giving my best
efforts on anything that I'm part of. Perhaps this way some of the
damage done can be reconciled. No matter how you look at it the task
for the vision I have (and you may have too) for this sim is huge.
Oh, forgot to mention the agony of the online play hassles just
about killed the sim completely. I want this WW2 tank sim to be the
tank sim that Silent Hunter is the sub sim.

That would be awesome man

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