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Originally Posted by Rubini View Post
Hi guys,

Cheers to all !

This is just brilliant! Thanks TDW for more this awesome mod. This is a good motivation to come back again to Sh3. I'm really without free time but more 2 or 3 months ahead and I will go back here.

This TDW's mod and his mod approach opened a new door to some old "impossible to do" mod ideas.

Yesterday I tried the planes fire damage: works flawless!

And the most good news: also that old wanted mod - depth charges making noise allowing you to escape (bold like effect) - seems to work ok too using the same TDW's mod approach. It need more tests and this is my problem now - free time. I will post more info as the mod goes ahead.

Kudos to TWD!
What about fires acting as a light source just as star shells in-game do? turn that dynamic shine orange-red and you have a really epic burning-tanker-effect.
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