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Icon14 Steel Beasts Pro 4.0

No more "Personal Edition" since version 3.0

4.0 is around the corner, could be released just any day. It brings a new terrain engine (a biggie in my book), over two dozen new units including engineers, helicopters, anti-air and the family of TAM vehicles, finally the crewable Marder (I like that, that thing still is one of the best protected IFV in the world), improved special GFX including some spectacular cookoffs, and much more.

These videos are advertising it a bit.

I have been away from SBP for the last two years or even longer, all my time went into race simming, Assetto Corsa and Raceroom Racing. I feel an appetite to return to tanking again. I have not used variable time of day and new weather since it was introduced with 3.0, that long my absence has been!

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