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Originally Posted by veitikka View Post
Maybe so many shots were needed because you were firing at a dug-in or hull-down target with a small turret from a long range? The green arc indicates that the unit is hull-down. Leo2 shouldn't usually have problems hitting a target that's a few kilometers away. The APFSDS max range is set to 3500 meters, it's possible to engage targets that far away if the LOS is unobstructed. The LOS tool ignores all smoke, so the unit LOS can be obstructed even if the tool shows otherwise.
As I remember, it were scouts on the move in plain terrain or on roads, as well as some APCs or IFVs, sometimes sitting still on a road. Range below 2000. No smoke for the most.

Also, what irritated me, in the AAR it showed that of the Russian force in a meeting scenario where I (German forces) choosed to just sit still in hiding, half of the units were ZSU57 and air defence, while in the menu a unit composition of "armour" was selected. But even for a mechanised or infantry force, a composition where half of the combat units are AD, looks a bit weired and ineffective. The scenario rated it as a total victory for me after I had killed most of the APCs and IFVs, and the two or three tanks there were. Of the ZSU57 I did not shoot a single one. To see that long column of ZSU57 driving down on the road, maybe a dozen of them , was strange, even more so since they obviously were not handled as to their value and purpose, but where handled like tanks with marching order.

The automatic unit composition in the menu maybe better is to be ignored? I choosed "armour" for my force composition, too, what I got was 4 Leopards, 12 Fuchs and a handful of infantry scouts. That is a light, a very olight mechnaised force. "Armour" would mean tank-heavy forces. And that'S what I planned to get when switching both force compsoitions to armour and automatic: a tank battle. Of the maybe two dozen Russian vehiuclkes, half were AD, 3 were T64, the rest were very light APCs on scouting missions - not even BMPs (like there also were no Marders on German side).

Don'T want to annoy you, veitikka, but since you create this game, I simply assume you look for feedback even if it raising questions. I don't want to complain, but mean it in a constructive way. With the general design you are in for something, I think, it reminds me a bit of playing SBP-PE from a map view exclusively, with a lighter focus on realism. With the basic structure apparently established, what it now needs is plenty of polish and finetuning.

Which admittedly is likely to be the trickier part. I see that in your home forum Lieste makes appearances - that is good advise coming from him.

I would also invite interested players in the eSim forum by going there and telling them what you do, as long as you do not commercially rival them, which I assume is no problem as long as your game is free. Explain your project, and invite them to go over and have a look, I think the management then will not object. You would dig for a treasurechest of experience and knowledge there if some of the old hands there decide to give it a try. But to have a few pages of how-to-handle-the-game instructions I would consider to be a must, first.


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