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Well, I initially thought I was going to mainly play TDs so I grinded to Hetzer and am now 13k from the Stug.

The Marder is an AWESOME low tier Tank destroyer. One shotting KV2s with their huge ammo rack weakness is hella-fun with the last gun.
With the TDs I'd recommend (if you're focussing on Arty more) to get the Marder with the last 76mm gun with Camo Net Binocs and Vent. Also, if you get the Hetzer I'd recommend "hetzing" with the 105mm Gun with HE shells as you can one shot most Tier 1-5 and lay a pounding on heavies if the Match maker screw you. Finally, I've heard mixed reviews about that StuG. Some say its low armor and high speed can get you into trouble (but that just means the drivers crappy..). It has access to the amazing (for low tier) L/70 7.5cm gun as well as the 10.5cm gun that the Hetzer uses before it. To be completely honest, the pain in the German TD line doesn't start until you reach Jagdpanzer IV..

As for Arty, I'm not totally sure how Gun Laying drive works in regards to aim time. But as far as zoom goes, if you're in over head mode (Finger of God) then you can zoom in a little bit with the wheel of your mouse but thats it. Being patient and waiting for the circle to settle is all it really takes for arty.

Also, if you want to learn the mechanics in a less frustrating environment, I would reccomend grinding the Russian heavies first, because they are *marginally* easier to play then their German and American counter parts. That's just my opinion (I'm still doing German cause they're such damn sexy tanks!)


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