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radar Hedgehog Progress

I can bet that my pictures would be over sized. But I been working on the hedgehog quite a bit and have set up where you can see two of them next to another. The one on the left with the rainbow colors is there to indicate the fire groups of each shell, the one on the right represents roll compensation and isn't important to be colorized.
I am testing out the gyro stabization of the weapon which it was able to compensate for roll and pitch of the ship. I have the numbers to how much forward and back, side to side the thing was able to compensate but the real puzzle is in the how. I have found out that each of the 6 shells sits on one of 4 cradles and like a baby cradle is able to swing to and fro. This to and fro motion of the cradles is how it is able to compensate for roll. However, I still haven't found how it compensated pitch.
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