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F14 Tomcat.

As a kid I had it as toy the Hasbro Flying Fighters F14 tomcat, so that's where it started. Then ofcourse there's Top Gun! a guilty pleasure to watch.

Anyway as for the Aircraft itself, Swept wing, twin engine, crew of 2 Pilot and RIO, Navy Aircraft, the Phoenix Missiles and for me it's the right balance of not to modern with all the blips and blops of fly by wire & modern systems.

Heatblur really did a marvelous job on the Tomcat, the Jester AI is brilliant the cockpit looks great and the sound design ofcourse is top notch. It's still being worked on as now it's in EA and it's the F14B that's currently flyable, later they'll release the F14A and ofcourse improvements and added features are made to the Jester and Iceman AI.

It's fulfilling my need for speed!
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