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I have bought this game for PC yesterday, after a first run I highly remember the game Silent Service II on which this game is based (e.g. the contact reports and logs). SS2 - but with much better grafics, so I consider this a very good remake especially the damage and repair section. Also thanks to include 3 difficulty levels.

However there are serious technical issues, especially if you run on Windows 10, so here are my comments:

- In Windows 10 you absolutely need to run the game as Administrator, else you will have grafic glitches and you cannot even start Training or War Patrol.

- The game at its standard grafic settings runs crazy at 400+ framerate all the time, a killer even for good GPUs. I run on a GTX 1660 with 6GB VRAM and temperature of CPU goes up to 80, GPU up to 70, still acceptable but it could run much smoother than that.

I advice setting a framerate cap with a tool like MSI-Afterburner, set a cap to 60 or whatever your monitor supports in HZ.

- I have watched a German let's-play video for the PC which states 'version', my most recent game version I can get is If there is a newer one, please supply it in the download section of the purchase link (non-Steam version).

- The Steam version seems to have more features, I can see a picture of the submarine interior with a table and a map that I cannot display in my version.

I hope this is helpful, and I would appreciate any feedbacks about the newest version. Thanks for a good sub game

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