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This will sound like a stupid question (because it is) but any VR planned for this?..

lol ok, I am actually being kind of serious :P. let me explain, back in subcommand/cold waters days I found the external views ridiculous, as pretty as they could be (which they werent.. at all) and never used them, so yeah, pretty much sensors, maps and targetting solutions made the game for me.

But that doesn't mean I don't like cool 3d graphics, on the contrary, graphic realism improves immersive gameplay by a lot, at least for me. The only game I play nowadays is DCS in VR. for anyone that hasn't tried that yet, you're in for a treat. There's no point going back, just doesn't make sense to me.

So I would love to have a subsim game (or space game for that matter, pretty much the same thing I guess) that would recreate the inside of a real or fictional ship with high fidelity with battle station consoles, sensor stations, engineering, weapons etc. in a "non-condescending" way, without fisher-price style interfaces and game mechanics.

Does that make sense to anyone?.. I'm not talking about the work that would require which would be considerable of course but I think this could maybe be of interest to a greater public that you might think. DCS can be very technical and you do have a decent amount of people playing it.

You say the game core is what matters, the bells and whistles can come later. Couldn't agree with you more, how difficult would it be to "attach" those screens you have been coding to an actual 3d model? using unreal or unity there are pretty amazing and smart things that can be made..

Anyway, don't hate me for this comment. I just found this post a few days ago for the first time and really love the idea and game. Great job man, hope you keep at it.
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