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Originally Posted by Captain Reyes View Post
I sometimes have this loading freezes too, I usually fix it by 1):

1) delete all loadout (.lod) files in the DWRA root folder.

2) if above not works, try a new user profile, make sure that you didnīt mix up mods, it is best to keep seperate installs.

3) I also have some curiosity issue that in very few DWRA situations I CTD on final loading or a sec into the mission when streaming with Streamlabs OBS. For my case I pretty much confirmed it. Perhaps other apps (overlay software running in background etc.) can cause this aswell for other users.
Thank you.

1) good idea, I will check that.

2) no other mods, fresh install, only Russian voice pack and Sub Command briefings added from the RA website

3) interesting - maybe it's the Windows 10 Game Bar, would have to check. (Steam overlay it can't be, because I noticed RA's exe files don't need Steam)

Edit: Removing the lod files seemed to work. After that, I could use the regualar .exe file for starting the Bear campaign without crash

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