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I finally installed RA, too (1.5 beta), and while in general I like it, I noticed that several of the included missions and campaigns let the game crash.

For example, the first mission of Red Storm Rising campaign crashes constantly 1 second after the map is shown.

Some others sometimes hang upon loading, sometimes not, for example the first one of the RA-adjusted Liu Doctrine campaign included.

Did you notice something similar? Should I use 1.49 instead for more stability?

I don't have crashes with vanilla DW or LWAMI mod. (Using Steam version of DW, installed in a Steam lib outside C:\ , in Windows 7 compatibility mode, in admin mode).

Edit: Okay, I went back to 1.49 and have not so many crashes with that one ("bear" campaign is stuck at loading of mission #1). Guess I'll stick with that until 1.5 is out of beta then.

Edit 2: Noticed there is a "Veteran Edition" exe file in 1.49 version of the mod. With that one, "bear" campaign is working, too... albeit the readme only says it removes some text/audio messages for certain situations like torpedo in the water etc. I am a bit confused.

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