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DCS: World 2.0.4 Update 1 available
DCS Update 1

Added support of the new F-5E Aggressors Basic Fighter Maneuvers Campaign by Maple Flag
SA342 Gazelle. Restored functionality of helicopter in DCS 2.0.4
Crash of VR with SFM planes has been fixed
A-10C. Cockpit mirrors will not be blurred now
A-10C. Simplified radio restored
Ka-50. The ABRIS search function restored
The smoke trails effect corrected. The smoke trails will not appear in front of aircraft and missiles.
Missile smoke trail will not disappear at some distances
The “Unit is dead” trigger will work correctly
L-39. The taxi and landing lights will be enabled at hot start
Mission generator. The error when China Su-27 is selected has been fixed
The aircraft laser designator will not pass through buildings and missiles will not aim to laser spot behind the illuminated building
PAI : Group take off on narrow runways fixed, A/C will take off in pairs
PAI: hazardous approach after landing fixed
Fast mission generator: corrected mission launch when terrain is not chosen
Merkava Mk.4: coaxial and AA machine guns ammo corrected up to 2*5000 rounds
VR devices: extremely low FPS fixed
More News to the front.....

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