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Default Playing Ops Monsun + OMEGU, no idea how to target, and possible bug?

Hey all. Of all things in 2019 ive picked up Ops monsun for the first time, because i really wanted some Type II U boat action. (i love merchants outrunning me on the surface!)

Now having gotten used to SH5's very intutitive manual targeting system, i have ZERO earthly idea how to get range, speed, AOB and stuff. I tried fooling around with it on my own for a while and havent had much luck. Could anyone give me a simple tutorial on manual targeting in OMEGU?

Secondly i have an issue where when "locking" an enemy ship (required to hit many buttons) releases itself after only 2-3 seconds, no matter what. The seas are calm and the scope is far out of the water, what can cause this?

Thank you.

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