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Originally Posted by CDR DPH View Post
I saw a couple of blank screens while playing NA2004 yesterday. If I remember correctly, they occurred after I failed to reach my target objective in time to perform the assigned mission. (See for why I was late to the party)

Once I received orders to return to Holy Loch to repair/rearm when I had no damage and a full weapons load out.
I assume you are playing the NATO 2004 North Atlantic campaign since you mention Holy Loch.

I will check on the settings for the various mission failures, and see if I can find anything that might be causing the blank screens.

The speed on the Campaign map is based on the speed of the first vessel in the Campaign's summary.txt file if I remember correctly. Both the Virginia and Yasen for the 2004 NA Russian campaign are 35 knot boats, but I will see if I can duplicate the slowness issue you report. You could bump the SubmergedSpeed=35 of the boats to SubmergedSpeed=40 in their vessel files. If you do this, also increase the last entry in the TelegraphSpeeds= to 40 as well. That should give you a bit more speed on the Strategic Map at the cost of some realism.

If you are not pausing in your sprints you may be hitting undetected surface and submerged ASW groups in your transits. I typically switch between LMB and RMB to slow down occasionally when transiting. This seems to help with locating enemy groups. Stopping completely occasionally also helps. I have not really changed anything in the non-player missions sections for the campaign, so I am not sure what is causing the large number of intercepts you reported. I will see if I can duplicate those as well.

Thanks for the reports, and I'll see if I can find these.
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