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Originally Posted by Kptlt Thomsen View Post
I'm having a problem with getting my division to turn in succession. The instruction are clear enough, but whenever I select a division and order a turn in succession, the lead ship in formation and thus the group just stay on the heading they were previously given. :-(
When other folks have had this problem, it's been because they're leaving a right-click out of the sequence. It goes like this:

1. Left-click to select a ship in the division (any one will do, doesn't have to be the leader).
2. Right-click to bring up the orders menu.
3. Left-click on the button that looks like an arrow to the right (course change button). When this happens, a yellow line will appear on the water connected to your cursor.
4. Move the cursor to get the yellow arrow pointed in the desired direction.
5. **This is what others have left out** Once you've got the yellow arrow where you want it, right-click. This does 2 things. First, it disconnects the yellow arrow from the cursor, so you can use it to push buttons again. Second, it brings up the menu buttons for the different types of turns.
6. Move the mouse to the button for Turn in Succession and left-click to order the turn in succession (or to one of the other buttons to do that type of turn).

NOTE: There are options steps 4A and 4B as follows, if you want to preprogram a series of turns at waypoints (useful for zig-zagging to dodge bullets and to go around coastlines):

4A. Move the yellow arrow so that not only the arrow is pointing where you want it, but the cursor itself is at the position where you want the 1st waypoint. That is, the ship will make its 1st turn at its present position and will turn again at the waypoint.

4B. Hit W. This creates a waypoint at the cursor's current location and fixes the yellow arrow between the ship and the waypoint. But the yellow arrow can now be stretched and bent beyond the waypoint.

If you want to enter more waypoints, repeat steps 4A and 4B. You can have a total of 8 or 9 waypoints per division or independent ship. Once you've got all your waypoints set, continue with step 5 above. Note that all turns at all waypoints will be of the same type (succession or immediate).
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