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Originally Posted by HS
"... which you can expand to show their divisions, which you can expand to show their ships ..."


It's like in Windows Explorer. Beside each TF name is a +. Click on that it and shows divisions, which also have +s by their names. Click on those and you see the ships in the divisions, which again have +s. Click on a ship's + and you'll see its current status for weapons.

"If you're running in a window and close the window, they don't save."

Unfortunately my game freezes to a black screen every time I try changing from a window to 1024x768
Sometimes when people have problems like this, something's gone wrong with their DG.cfg file. If that's what's happened to you, there's an easy way to solve it.

Go into your main Jutland folder and rename the file DG.cfg to something else. Then start the game. This forces the game to generate a new DG.cfg file with all the default settings, including full-screen 1024x768. Once the game comes up, just exit it immediately to save the new DG.cfg file. Then restart the game and put all the display and sound options where you want them, load any ADO files you like, etc., and exit again to save all that into the DG.cfg file. After that, you should be OK.

If this doesn't work, please send us a bug report and include the DG.cfg file as well as whatever log files you want to include.
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