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Originally Posted by HS
Is there a compact list or sheet somewhere in the campaign and in the battle modus which indicates the status of all available ships and the lost ships by class and name?

Hit SHF-O to bring up the OOB overlay on the campaign map. It shows all your task forces, which you can expand to show their divisions, which you can expand to show their ships, which you can expand to show how many of which types of weapons they have left, as well as ammo. Any level that shows ship names shows a colored dot for the ship's status.

Losses, both friendly and enemy, however, you still have to write down yourself. Hopefully this will change in the future.

Is it yet possible to save the display settings for future launchings of the game? Itís a bit disturbing to start every session with the same old display fine tuning.

Sure. This has been possible since Jutland 1st came out.

The main Dislay Options (AA, AF, screen resolution, etc.) automatically save provided you exit the game from within the game. If you're running in a window and close the window, they don't save. Also, if the game crashes, they don't save.

These settings are saved in the DG.cfg file in the main Jutland folder. If you're ending the game from the "Exit Game" button within the game and these settings aren't saving, then you've probably got a "read-only" setting on the Jutland folder or something similar.

All the lighting, wave height, etc. options in the other display menus can be saved directly from those menus. Just type in a name for them. These are saved as (the name you gave it).ADO files, again the main Jutland folder.

However, the current settings of these sliders also go into the DG.cfg folder, so you don't have save the settings to a separate file if you don't want to. IOW, the game remembers what all the sliders are set at, but if the main options above aren't being remembered, then you've got some other problem as indicated above.

You might have noticed the "presets" options? Those are just ADO files in the main folder. Your own ADO files aren't added to the preset list, but can be loaded off the same menus where you can save them. I have separate files for day and night battles, which I load during the campaign depending on when battles happen.
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