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Hi there! Tried to install. Works fine until the first time I start the game.

"Purchase? Activate? Evaluate"

Evaluate. "An update was found." Permission requests from Zone Alarm, all very normal, a short download window, Jutland reloads.

"Purchase? Activate? Evaluate"

Evaluate. Up pops the download window (no message about finding an update from now on) and downloads the same file again. Back to the beginning and around in circles ad nauseum.

I quit the program, actually had to terminate it with Process Explorer. Restarted. Ran and locked up. I'm about to try for the third time.

My computer doesn't have problems with games. I'm going to keep trying, but this isn't a good start.

Well, I got a little further. Nice music. Locked up in the startup screen.... No panic. Try again.... I'm not having fun yet.

Now I'm having fun....a little. Does the 10 minute time limit go away when I enter the activation code? It's hard to evaluate a game where you can't fight. What I see is pretty impressive so far but getting it running is a chore that it shouldn't be.

Question: It appears that your copy protection is that the game calls home and checks to see if it is authorized? Why in the world don't other game companies take notice of how logical that is and how much sense that makes? Assuming that SecuROM or worse never raises it's ugly head, BRAVO!!!!! You are a game company worthy of support.

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