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Default first impressions

I just bought the game and these are my 1st impressions after playing the tutorial and one mission

- Game is a bit on the light side of simulation compared to SH; that said it is more detailed in some administrative aspects, like for example you have to manually recharge compressed air or change the lights to red at nightime

- It has some interesting crew management aspects, but as it is now, very unrealistic. Main issue is crew morale after contact with the enemy, basically you enter some form of "alert" status that depletes your morale, and there is very little you can do to avoid it. And I am not talking about getting depth charged or rammed; I am talking about finding 3 unarmed freighters. So as long as I am in contact, morale will go down, even after sinking the ships, the survivor's dinghies maintained this alarm and there is no way to turn it off, so eventually some sailors would started panicking, hurting themselves, etc just while I am trying to sink them.. Hopefully they will fix it, because as it is now, it is laughable

- Interface is good, you learn a bit about how submarines work by managing it, this is a good point

- Game mechanics are simple compared to SH; you have automatic map update, full automatic torpedo solutions, but I think you can calculate manually if you wish

- Missions are, in addition to the standard "patrol here", a bit of what you would expect from Hollywood, like the shipwreck searchs

- Overall I recommend it because it is cheap right now, and it has potential once it is finished and maybe modded
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