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Hi mates,

As promissed here the GWX Stay Alert crew fix mod for 16km:
(it have small diferences from the beta version, so the testers need to download again)

Many thanks to all the guys that tested it all these past days!

From readme:

May 17, 2007.

Well, even not so "perfect" as its related 8km version here a attempt to give a more balanced AI to GWX16km.

First of all, GWX 16km already works quite well.
The GWX 16km AI not frequently (the opposite of 8km version) will see you first (exception for small planes and ships and in heavy fogged conditions).

Then, what this mod does?
This mod tweak three main sections:
1. A less deaf and more wakeful sonarman
2. A slight more smart crew on watch tower (visual)
3. A slight tweak over some RWR to avoid some side efects by SH3 worldīs rendering limitations.
So, the GWX AI (enemy) behaviour (sonar and Hydrophones) and Long Range Gunnery properties arenīt changed by this mod.
This mod in truth only makes your crew more smart. And this will help you a lot!

JSGME ready.

Usage and side effects:
Expect a very smart sonarman that will listen and detect things a bit far away and more quickly.
The watch tower crew will be able to see a bit far away and detect the AI before they detect you in more situations and also your crew FOV will be more like the player FOV (but this isnīt so perfect as in 8km version).
The unique side effect is a possible more Vampire night vision, but almost not noticeable.
Also a slight more quick hydrophone wheel spin. The optional Sensors.dat have it more in par with the stock spin velocity (see below).

I also included an optional folder with another Sensor.dat that have only a bit less sensible sonarman than in the main "default" mod. I also included a tweaked Jungman AI_sensors.dat that will make the Enemy ASW a bit more (only a bit) easy. I like very much this option, it makes GWX more playable for my taste.
And for last a Sensors.cfg with all the "uses crew efficiency=true" - but I suggest to use the default one on the mod
A tip: if you want these optional files then rename them correctly and put them on the correct place before enable the mod or you will not play with the mod in the

This mod (with its "default" files) is also compatible with Ducimus/NYGM new visual sensors for GWX 16km (the Ducimus/NYGM new visual sensors arenīt compatible with any 8km version). Note that the optional (see above) tweaked Jungmanīs AI_sensors.dat isnīt compatible with Ducimus/NYGM new visual sensors for GWX 16km.

Have fun!
================================================== ================================
Changes made:

-changes on min and maxrange and also on the SweepPeriod or all hydrophones. MaxSensorsHight changed for all KDB types.
-changes on max and min range for the RWR. SweepPeriod changes for Tunis.

AI_sensors (tweaks over Jungman original mod):
-changes on MaxBearing and also minRange for all active sonars
-changes on MaxRange, Maxheight and MaxBearing for AI_hydrophones

-small changes under Visual section (Fog and Light factors)

-small changes under visual section (Fog and Light factors). I put a note on the best interval to be used for "Visual fog factor" if you want to try another value.
-"uses crew efficiency=false" for Visual and Hydrophone section. See the above Optional section.
================================================== ==================================
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