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radar Re: Menu loop...

Originally Posted by Deepslick View Post
I hope there is ok to share this. Its a simpel menu music replacement.

I put together an ogg file of crimson tide theme with a little speech in the middle of the file. The speech starts after 2.10 minutes so you dont have to hear the speech every time you start the game. You would have to linger in the menu for a while to hear it.

You can make a folder structure for use with jsgme. Put Menu_Master LOOP.ogg into call it what you want\Data\Sound\Music and put call it what you want folder in your MOD folder inside sh4.

You can use it for what ever mega mod you use or with stock sh4. I use it for fotrs. The menu in fotrs is excellent and no really need to change music but only if you want a change.

Its a bit loud if you listen to it in media player etc but inside game it gets lowered.
Ahoy, Deepslick...

1st off, outstanding...

Love the music, to Me... it sounds as to fit in with the sense of urgency that was part & parcel, what with the situation of WW2.

That said... only 1 thing... I hesitate to say troubles Me, more of... a concern, that some tweaking, is in order & needed.

With regards to the speech... is near the tail end... is where I feel the tweaking needs to be. I that, Gene asks the COB, what the name of that boat is... & the response is... Alabama.

Now, being originally raised (not born there, I was born in N. C., @ the Cherrypoint MCAS hospital.. as My dad & mom, both served in the USMC... making this ol' fart, a MC brat, a distinction I take pride in.. ) in Bama... know that during WW2, there was no sub named Alabama.

Maybe a bit of editing to remove that segment perhaps, & let the rest still be included, would do the trick.

I would offer to do so... but, I wouldn't even know where to begin or what all would be needed to accomplish that.

Just know that this is... merely a suggestion, & not to be taken as criticism, as it's not... perhaps, at the end of the speech, when Gene calls out to the COB... perhaps edit it to drop it to where he gives the order to dismiss the crew... & let it roll on from there... again, this is just a suggestion.

Outside of that, concern... outstanding work...

M. M.

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