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Hi guys
i faced a prob that haven't faced before. Enemy planes detected when they are above of my sub and can't react because they have kill me. That happed when tc its 1024 and 512
.Is there any solution?
ps in commander options/ time compression have set to 1 when enemy planes detected

TKSS18 German U-Boats Compilation=1
German U-Boats Compilation 2 (only VIIB & VIIC models by WISE)=2
New U-Boat Guns Fixed Reworked (for German U-Boats Compilation)=3
Conus' SH3GWXWS 2.3=5
ail Das Boot officers mod v2.14=6
blue menu II=7
Darojax Officer Icons 1.0=8
Hull damage made by torpedo impact mod=9
new Torpedo_HAHD_1024_GWX=10
Red Night Map=11
SH5 Liberty Ship for SH3=12
Skin U-562 VIIC-Ahnenerbe=13
Sub Image mod=14
Antisub net sounds muted=15
Haunting Atlantic Wind=16
U-Boat IXC (Skin 2 (U-505)) Turm 1-2-3=18
M.E.P v6=19
WB's Mission Orders Lite v1.1=20
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