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Originally Posted by wangtze View Post
Thanks Neal for the information. Well, am done with this game, unfortunately I can't refund the game at Steam due to too much hours played. I have asked the same question on steam and one of the dev's treated me like **** and banned me from steam forum. A total unprofessional behavior from my point of view.

Honestly on my opinion this isn't a good development plan and it will not players stay tuned and/or win new players to the game....

Just my two cents...
Yes, that was me.

Can somebody explain why the dev's stoped working on the Scapa Flow mission (where they worked on for more than 6 month) to work now on a new water asset?
You see what a difference it makes when you post with a little tact, as you did here? You get a civil answer. You are the only person banned in the Steam forum since the game came out.

If this is a good development plan or not, that's certainly a matter of opinion. The devs, who actually know what's under the hood, feel this is the best and most efficient plan. We have explained this in several Q&A sessions on Discord, and I'm sure here.

And since you own the game, there's no reason you cannot put it aside for a year and come back and enjoy it with the updates. You would be welcome to do so.
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