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Originally Posted by Kpt. Lehmann View Post
My friends,

(This is going to hurt.)

Apologies for making a new thread for this post... but I think you'll understand after you've read it.

After days of agonizing over the GWX-related discussion/tasks at hand for this weekend... it is clear to me that there is really only one choice left to us.

In the light of Ubisoft's SH5 preview announcement and impending release... and given the now-reduced manpower available to the GWX dev team...

...we are clearly no longer capable of executing our mission to develop GWX4. Even if we were able to do so, many of the objectives we intended to execute, (as stated on our website and elsewhere) would likely be mirrored only a short time later with the release of SH5... rendering our work obsolete. Just as we've done our dead-level-best to impliment things most sought after by the community... it is clear that the Silent Hunter Devs have been listening to you. This is a good thing guys. It is rather logical that parallel courses were eventually steered into in many ways...
The terrible thing about this post is the absolute assurance that the Ubi devs were listening and would deliver what the community wanted. And how utterly they failed to do anything of the sort. I'd love to see a chart of objectives planned by GWX4 and how many of them were implemented in SH5. Maybe it would just make me cry about how thoroughly we were let down. The GWX team did the right thing for reasons that turned out to be totally false. And that reflects on Ubi, not the GWX team.

It is clear now that SH3 and SH4 were as good as it was going to get. And they are darned good, in spite of their problems. Thanks to the Grey Wolves. You made SH3 shine.
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