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Originally Posted by Anthony_Riches View Post
Says it all really - may be a dopey question - but where can I get a copy so that I can apply the amazing mods I'm reading about? There's a copy on Amazon for over 100 - sheesh!

Can anyone point me in a cheaper direction please.


Greetings Anthony_Riches,
I wish I had a reliable source to share with you but sadly I have none.
After reading your post I did a google search and had the same results as you.
I was surprised to see the amount of pirated copies out there but I can't help you,
(nor can anyone on this forum) with that sort of thing. used to be a good source but even they have been out of stock for
quit some time now although the interest in TvT is still high.
And when you consider the amount of hits on the google search "t34 vs tiger"
you have to come to the conclusion - it's getting out there whether it's being sold or not.

So don't give up

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