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SH 4 Dark Waters but figured U Boat Kaleuns here would enjoy..

U-47 August 21, 1940

21.08.40 Convoy Intercept.
--------- Weather: Clear. Winds 0 kts
Sea State: 0

03.06 Received report of convoy in Grid AL 81
Course ENE 8 kts. Set intercept course.
Estimated intercept time 13.00.

12.28 Submerged for sound check.

12.31 Distant prop noises bearing 036.
Set course to close contacts.

12.35 Surfaced to close contacts.

12.55 Spotted enemy convoy bearing 345 17000 meters.

12.56 Contact Report Sent.
Large Convoy Sighted Grid AL 82
Course 090 Speed 7 kts.

13.10 Received orders to attack immediately.
Called Action Stations for submerged attack.

13.11 Submerged for attack.

14.00 Approached convoy from starboard side.

14.29 Inside convoy. Targeting middle columns.

14.32 Fired Tube No.1, No.2 (TI G7a) 8500 ton tanker. Range 1500 meters.

Fired Tube No.3 (TI G7a) at large merchant Range 900 meters.

Fired Tube No.4 at Second large tanker Range 1900 meters.

14.33 Two torpedo impacts on first tanker!

One torpedo impact(Tube No.3) but no detonation. Torpedo was a dud.

14.34 Enemy escort pinging closing. Ordered hard dive 100 meters.
Rigged for Silent Routine and wasserbombe.

14.35 Torpedo missed target.

14.36 Torpedo impact! Very large series of explosions followed by
sounds of ship breaking up. Torpedo missed intended target but hit
another vessel. Possibly a ammunition ship judging by the explosions.

14.41 Enemy passed above. Splashes.

14.42 Depth charges.

14.45 Boat at 120 meters. Enemy appeared to lose contact
after first pattern.

14.53 Inside convoy with escorts not close. Rose to periscope depth.

14.59 8300 ton Tanker (Torpedoes 1 and 2 hit) sunk.

15.07 Fired Tube No.5 (TII G7e) at Hog Island Type A freighter. 4515 tons.
Range 1100 meters. Fired then dove, escorting closing

15.10 Torpedo impact! Torpedo missed, but impacted another vessel.

15.11 Enemy above. Boat depth 108 meters.

15.20 Sounds of ship breaking up astern.

15.21 Distant wasserbombe explosions.

15.26 Distant wasserbombe explosions.

15.42 Unknown vessel sunk Grid AL 82.
(Later identified as 3907 tons Medium Modern Passenger/Freighter)

16.20 Secured Action Stations and Silent Routine.
Depth 160 meters. Ordered torpedo reload.

17.31 Reload completed.

17.54 Periscope depth. All clear.

18.01 Surfaced. Set pursuit course 090.

18.40 Spotted convoy bearing 056 15 km

(In pursuit for night surface attack)
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