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Originally Posted by Von Due View Post
Thanks for the invite! Now call me old (or young as some of you might) but what exactly is discord? Never looked into that one.

Now I will say there is a certain learning curve to this sim but that's absolutely part of the fun! What I really could use is someone knowledgable in the art of all things navigation and plotting to come onboard to share tips, experience, methods (brushing up on the 4 bearing and whoah this is a lot easier than in SH3!!), and I'll leave all the other stuff like the helm, tanks, radio room etc etc to others while I learn. Then onto a new station, rince and repeat.

The way I picture it it'll be:
1: Navigation because every captain likes to be at the right spot at the right time.
2: Helm, hey there is a lot to know about RPM, stealth, steering speed and so on.
3: Diving. Those tanks eh!
4: Radio room. How much info can one get from the hydrophone and (later, hopefully) the RDF.
5: TDC and attacks. That's what we're here for
6: Captaincy. Call it the exam in all things Wolfpack

in that order.
The “captain’s exam” in my opinion is the ability to solo a boat without bots and sink a ship and evade. Better yet, meet the tonnage requirements under those conditions. Then you know you have enough of a working knowledge of each station to be able to jump in if someone drops the ball. Crew is there to make it of course more efficient.

I’m not a fan of 4-bearings. It’s anachronistic (1950s) and just not needed. You can or are very close to seeing the target in Wolfpack on every engagement. So best to use historical methods like plotting or matching.

Navigator is not overly important. You are never lost in Wolfpack. He’s there to plot, both your position underwater and the target (at the option of the skipper since neither of those are needed). What I don’t see enough of in Wolfpack is navigators plotting based on ranges and bearings (classic plotting). Part of that is a function of the 4-bearing method being included in the Wolfpack manual, which I don’t agree with (basic plotting isn’t even mentioned).

Don’t worry too much about the recognition manual. There’s another area where people spend way too much time. People think they need to sit there and identify every ship in the convoy, all you need to do is turn and adjust your speed until the target appears to not move or get closer or further away, presto, course and speed. Just like the real guys did. And I know you are not new and have been in this community awhile, but you will see crewmembers trying to suggest identifying everything etc., hence why I bring it up.

I actually saw you join today, the Discord, so if I see you sometime when I am available, I will ping you and I’d love to join you.
Ask me anything about the Type VII (procedures, crew, systems etc)!

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