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Thanks for the invite! Now call me old (or young as some of you might) but what exactly is discord? Never looked into that one.

Now I will say there is a certain learning curve to this sim but that's absolutely part of the fun! What I really could use is someone knowledgable in the art of all things navigation and plotting to come onboard to share tips, experience, methods (brushing up on the 4 bearing and whoah this is a lot easier than in SH3!!), and I'll leave all the other stuff like the helm, tanks, radio room etc etc to others while I learn. Then onto a new station, rince and repeat.

The way I picture it it'll be:
1: Navigation because every captain likes to be at the right spot at the right time.
2: Helm, hey there is a lot to know about RPM, stealth, steering speed and so on.
3: Diving. Those tanks eh!
4: Radio room. How much info can one get from the hydrophone and (later, hopefully) the RDF.
5: TDC and attacks. That's what we're here for
6: Captaincy. Call it the exam in all things Wolfpack

in that order.
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