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Originally Posted by Von Due View Post
I have a few questions still

When the game starts now, all the tanks except the trim are all empty, that is with no water in them. The trim tank starts at a random level, usually between 6-8 m^3. Is this intentional?

Are the trim and negative tanks somehow mixed up or am I getting this entirely wrong?: With only the main tanks filled, the boat settles at around 7.5 m. With mains and negative filled, the boat settles at around 8.5 meters. With negative empty and trim tank full, the boat sinks rapidly and no adjustment on the negative tank will stop the decent. Everywhere I read, it says it is the negative that should cause the descent, not the trim tank. What is going on here?

What would a proper tank/valve operation look like for various scenarios like surfacing, diving, crash diving, holding depth and so on?
Here is what I do, which very closely resembles actual procedures:

Always travel on the surface with negative full. Once aircraft are put in, you will be glad you got in that habit. Don’t bother with the trim tank when you first spawn.

To dive, Switch to electric, great speed ahead, open the vents forward and aft, forward planes hard down, aft center, standby negative, as soon as I can visibly see the boat angling down at the negative station, I blow negative (8-10 meters). Once past 20 m, 10 up on forward, 15 up on aft, til the boat is about 3 to 4 angled up, then 15 on fwd and reapproach periscope depth from below, at dead slow. Close vents. Center the planes. Then trim. For trimming, make very fine adjustments to the two wheels until the rightmost dial stays perfectly stationary.

To surface, change depth with the planes dynamically up to periscope depth at half speed, do your scope check, then great speed ahead, blow ballast, hard up on forward, aft up five, refill negative while blowing. At your option, you could do it historically and stop blowing as soon as the tower hatch comes free, so that you could pop up topside and check and make sure all is clear, and if it is, order to finish blowing, switch to diesel, recenter the planes, compressor, charge.
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