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Moscow, We Have a Problem

Hi all, I have a peculiar problem in Sub Command.

In the mission "Gibraltar Showdown", I am tasked to sink a Newport-class tank landing ship (LST). The catch is I can't sink it with a missile/torpedo lest I want to be responsible for the Motherland getting economic sanctions/finger wagging of disapproval from the U.N. Therefore, I must sink it with a mine.

This is where the problem begins.

The Akula sub I'm piloting is equipped with rather simple "mobile mines". I set the coordinates and then they're off. Their traveling depth is whatever depth my sub is at, so since I want to sink a surface vessel I assume I ought to launch them when the sub is at/near surface level. Once they reach their designated coordinates (I'll rant about that in a hot second), they sink to the bottom; which in this particular instance, is around 250m. I'm going to guess that's not going to sink the ship. Curiously enough, I set the sub on a head-on jousting course relative to the LST and sent the mines directly towards the ship. The ship set off one of the mines, but when I checked the mission status, it said "You did not sink the ship with a mine. You are the worst." I don't know what I'm doing wrong with mine laying. Unless if I need to just LITTER the area with mines, I don't know what else to do. Help!

Oh and about mine laying, I do NOT appreciate the fact that i can set neat little markers at precise coordinates in the NAV screen, but when it comes time to set coordinates for mines in the fire control map, I'm left with having to do guess work between nautical miles or counting pixels. Small mines, a small target, and a REALLY big area. I mean, c'mon.
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