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Each sailor contributes towards the efficiency of his compartment. The efficiency is calulated like this (I realize that Guns adds up to more than 100%, I have to double check these, but they are mostly right):

Forward/Stern torpedo room:
50% Mechanical and 50% Gun

Engine room:
60% Mechanical and 40% Electrical

Control room:
40% Mechanical, 20% Electrical and 40% Watch

Conning tower:
50% Electrical and 50% watch

50% Mechanical, 50% Electrical, 20% Guns and 50% watch

Repair compartment:
40% Mechanical, 40% Electrical and 20% Gun

Also, When you promote a seaman to Petty Officer and give him a specialization, he gains 20 points in the skills related to the compartment in which he specializes.

Efficiency is given a bonus by the leader of the watch in that department, as well as the chief officer on watch in the command room.
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