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Default War Ace Campaign 4.1

Hi Kaleuns!






1. All files have to be from 1 server !!!

2. Download and install 7-zip from

3. Put all 3 archives (WarAceCampaign 4.1final_FULL_XP.z.001, WarAceCampaign4.1 final_FULL_XP.z.002, WarAceCampaign 4.1final#_FULL_XP.z.003 on the desktop

4. Left mouse click on the first part 001, then right mous click -> choose 7-zip ->extract files-> "ok"

5. Now there should be a folder called "WarAceCampaign 4.1_final FULL_XP" with a size of 4,30 GB, and 10.058 files

6. Enable the mod via ModEnabler and wait about 15-25 minutes (many files) or wait until your Harddisk LED is not lightning always

That should do the trick

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