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Default Kriegsmarine Angriffsscheibe Handbuch

I have been enjoying the use of the German Attack Disc (a.k.a. whiz wheel, Is-Was) which I made from Hitman's instructions. In the process of learning how to use it, I collected several tips from this forum and other on-line sources, and began to write my own guide. It's not very original, nor anything that you can't find elsewhere, but I found it helpful to have it all collected in one document. Before I knew it, I had a small booklet that I decided worth sharing with the community.

Update 19 March 2008 - Version 3 is now available.

This version is a major rewrite and includes more examples (18), is formatted to be printed into a booklet, and incorporates some corrections and additional reference information. It's now up to 25 MB.

It can be used with the printable attack disc...

or the Flash version...

or one of the in-game versions...

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