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Default [REL]U-jagd tools mod 1.3

This is a mod that introduces historical tools for plotting and data gathering.

Version 1.3 now available!

Version 1.3 is the final version of the U-jagd mod, although if necessary a patch may be released.

Versions available
U-jagd tools mod 1.3 for Stock SH3
U-jagd tools mod 1.3 for NYGM
U-jagd tools mod 1.3 DIY kit for stock SH3
U-jagd tools mod 1.3 for GWX2.0
U-jagd tools mod 1.3 DIY kit for GWX 2.0


For GWX 1.03, either use U-jagd 1.2, or use the GWX 2.0 DIY kit.

Use the DIY kits if you have any of the mods based on dials.cfg or menu_1024_768 installed. If you try the non DIY kit first and JSMGE tells you there is a clash with another mod, then you will probably have to either choose one or the other mod, or else use the DIY kit to combine the mods yourself.

Changes in U-jagd 1.3

-Added a three wheel circular slide rule, modeled on the speed omnimeter of the American SACF converted for metric distances, and coloured to keep the Kriegsmarine flavour. This is a slideout tool attached to the weapon officer.
-Added a Vorhalt arm to the attack disk.
-Some other minor graphical improvements to the attack disk.
-Bearing indicator arm on attack disk may now be used directly, so side panel of U-jagd1.1 and 1.2 has been removed as obsolete.
-Attack disk moved to new location on the Navigation officer for reduced intrusiveness. Thanks to The Bad Wolf for the idea!
-New AOB finder with increased accuracy, precision and a wider field of vision through it.
-Added AOB finder to the Observation scope.
-Added marks on AOB finders for alternative target speed measurement, thanks to Pisces for the idea.
-moved the compass bearing indicator in the scope to take advantage of the greater field of vision.
-New U-jagd Stoppuhr with increased accuracy, and a new background courtesy of Dimitrius07.
-Optional new Stoppuhr to include scale for 75m targets.
-New reticule markings to permit manual height measurement.
-Reduced the brightness of the periscope reticule markings to avoid dazzle at night.
-Included Pdf guide to attack disk and circular slide rule by klh. Many thanks.
-Included guide to Lead Angle (vorhalt) slide rule calculation by Hitman.
-Updated manual.

NOTE: This mod is not the same as the excellent OLC_GUI mod. Although that mod contains the older U-jagd tools 1.0, it is a complete GUI overhaul that includes many,many other features. The U-jagd 1.3 mod is ONLY the tools. No other changes have been made and all original functionality is unaltered.

This mod has been the work of joegrundman, Hitman and from about halfway through the project Onelifecrisis. Hitman has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things U-boat and it was his interest that led me to the idea of trying to incorporate the tools in-game. Onelifecrisis’ distinctly superior understanding of how the menu file works and remarkable propensity for lateral thinking enabled this product to reach you in a far more polished state than it otherwise would have. Thanks U-jagd team!

We also thank Kpt. Lehmann for permission and support with elements involving adaptation to GWX. Neil Stevens for running the fantastic that has provided a perfect space for such a fertile and friendly community to develop.We’d also like to thank Ubisoft and the Silent Hunter developers for building such a fantastic product and making it so moddable that the simulation has become a hobby rather a game.
Additionally I’d like to thank the forerunners in modding the menu and dials files, Jonz with his ubiquitous draggable chrono which we have taken the liberty of adapting for this game, and also FLB Sale U-99 whose work on producing periscope TDC dials helped me to understand the workings of the files enough to get going.
Lastly, I'd like to thank my wife, Abigail for aesthetic judgements, trigonometrical assistance, German language help and patience beyond all human endurance.

First is U-jagd Stoppuhr, used for estimating speed based on the fixed wire method.

Next is the Zielkurswinkel Rad, or AOB finder

Next is the Angriffsscheibe, or Attack disk, which helps solve the problem of target course, ideal submarine courses for a 90 degree shot, and also for general plotting. Can also be used to conduct a WW1 style attack to simulate the effects of TDC failure.

Finally the circular slide rule, modelled on the Speed Omnimeter of the USN SACF, but converted for metric distances

"Enemy submarines are to be called U-Boats. The term submarine is to be reserved for Allied under water vessels. U-Boats are those dastardly villains who sink our ships, while submarines are those gallant and noble craft which sink theirs." Winston Churchill

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